About Search Manipulator

SearchManipulator was founded in 2010 by Matt Peters, an expert in online reputation management and search engine optimization. The original team includes Conor Byers (a computer engineer from, Gus Cost (a computer engineer from RIT),  Jon Namnath (another brilliant engineer from Cal Poly), Jen Allen (a marketing guru from Columbia University), Beth Gelson (a CPA who was a partner at Deloitte) and Brooke Westling (the in-house attorney with an LLM).  We only hire the best and brightest Silicon Valley has to offer, ensuring the best results possible for you.

Now with 18 employees, we are large enough to get any task done, but small enough to keep our overhead and prices low. Investors were never taken on, instead we relied on using earned revenue to grow. This limits a company's growth potential, but we do not have to share our profits with investors, which allows us to offer a much more affordable service than our competitors.